Moving Forward

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On November 6, 2012, Miami-Dade County Public Schools asked county voters to invest in their schools by approving the issuance of a $1.2 billion General Obligation (GO) Bond for renovating facilities, updating technology, building school replacements, expanding student capacity, and enhancing facility safety. The community let their voices be heard, and nearly 70% of those voting supported the measure.

This community mandate is significant for many reasons. As we move forward, the inequity that existed between the instructional experience of students attending newer schools and those in outdated buildings will disappear.
We will take full advantage of today┬╣s technology and digital learning environments. Aging schools will be replaced or updated to ensure all students have access to cutting-edge academic programming and modern safety
and security measures.

The bond issue will provide for Miami-Dade County Public Schools' long-term capital needs to be repaid over time with minimal impact to homeowners. The long-term benefits of this 21st century schools initiative far outweigh the costs and will create 9,200 jobs during the first three years of the bond and more than 18,000 sustainable jobs during the course of construction.